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Discussion of features in Mozilla Thunderbird

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Post Posted June 5th, 2007, 4:29 pm

This forum is not run by or formally associated with Mozilla despite the similarity in names. We're a independent user community .

The Thunderbird developers don't read this forum. The best way to lobby for a built-in feature is to file a bug report (enhancement requests are legitimate bug reports) at . That guarantees it will be both tracked and read by a developer.

However, a lot of Thunderbird's useful features are not built into Thunderbird, they come from add-ons. Most of them are written by users, not Thunderbird developers. Implementing it via an add-on frees the developers time to work on other features, makes Thunderbird leaner, encourages innovation, and makes it much easier for features to evolve quickly. So one of the main uses of this forum is as a place to submit ideas for add-on developers.

Many add-on developers don't submit their add-on to the Mozilla Add-ons web site due to the delays and restrictions that web site imposes. The Mozilla Add-ons forum has tumbleweeds rolling through it. So while its not official, this forum is a useful place to request features or encourage continued support of an add-on. Somebody reading it might also suggest a way you can get most of that feature using something already available.

If you request a feature it helps if you don't just state what you'd like, but what problem you're really trying to solve. This increases the odds somebody might do something by helping them generalize how they could make an add-on useful for more people, and making it easier for them to consider better alternative solutions.

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