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Love Thunderbird 1.5. I love it even more as soon as I learned how to turn HTML viewing back on :).

The addressbook is a weakness for me. I like to keep my contact information in one place. I find juggling three or four addressbooks, and keeping all of them current to be time consuming and annoying.

Call me an old fart, but I use Lotus Organizer 6. I like the feel of it. It also has many additional fields that Thunderbird lacks. It allows users to drag a contact to an icon that directs a second email program to compose an email using the address as the "To:" . Lotus Organizer does open up a composition window in Thunderbird, but I then get a message that the "email program is unable to resolve the address".
Any possibility of adapting THunderbird to create ability to read email addresses from other programs such as Lotus Organizer?

Just putting it out there!

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Just in case someone reaches here (like myself) searching in Google for a solution to this problem: the way for fixing it is to set the Lotus Organizer options for mail and planning to "default mail program" and then choose "Thurderbird" as the default mail program in Windows.

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