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Recently a program called MailScanner has been actively looking at emails directed through a number of servers and adding the text {Disarmed} to the subject line if it has found and removed code from the email that sends information back to the originator of the message. I now find that the majority of my emails are so marked.

While I applaud the motives behind MailScanner's actions I find the additional text annoying and over long. In some cases it could even remove significant details from a long subject line.

Looking at the documentation of how to write an addon I wonder if it would be possible to write an addon that examined the subject of each incoming email and replaced the {Disarmed} text with something shorter such as a single rarely used character (or possibly more than 1).

Clearly there is code in Thunderbird that can examine incoming emails as that is how message filters work but I'm not sure if addons can use this.

Please could somebody advise me whether such an approach would work or suggest another way to achieve my aim.

Bob Boffin


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Take a look at the FiltaQuilla add-on at ... la/?src=ss . It even supports letting you run javascript as part of an action in a message filter. You can automatically run messages filters when fetching or sending messages.

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Thank you for this. I'll take a look and see if it meets my needs. I should have realised that filters offered a good approach as I use them a lot anyway.

Bob Boffin

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FiltaQuilla was the answer. I adapted the Javascript example to replace {Disarmed} at start of the subject line with %% whenever the subject begins with (Disarmed}

The only minor issue is that the display of the folder doesn't refresh automatically.

Many thanks for your assistance and advice.

Bob Boffin

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I haven't tested the product, but from what I see, you can configure MailScanner differently as shown here: ... %20Subject

You can keep the subject line unchanged, tag it either at the beginning or the end (so you would see more of the standard subject), and I think you can replace "Disarmed" with some other tag of your liking like {safe} or {*}.
Michel Gagnon
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