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Hello, first of all excuse my mistakes in English: I’m French.
In order to secure the addresses of correspondents gathered in groups, wouldn't it be wise to offer the "Bcc" line as the first option in order to avoid their propagation on the net and the "To" line as the second option.
Thus the sender of a message to a desired group does not have the possibility of sending it by mistake by revealing all the addresses and the one who would like each of his recipients to know to whom the said message is sent would only have 'to place them as a second option in the "To" line. And if he forgets it each of the recipients would still receive the message.


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I don't use or know if this will suit your needs but take a look at it anyway...

> ... src=search
Please read the D/L page & check the 2 images posted.

The original "Use BCC Instead..." is not being updated for v78, but this one does have the option to "Send as BCC."
See this quote stating the Pros & Cons from his github site.
Ref; >

This Mail Extension is a partial replacement for the Use BCC Instead C addon, which will not work after TBv70. It offers these features of Use BCC Instead:

Counts 'To' and 'CC' email recipients and compares the total with the user's limit (in preferences)
Recipients in mailing lists are counted
If the limit is exceeded it displays a dialog - send or cancel
There is an option to send but change all recipients to BCC

It does not offer these features of Use BCC Instead:

Change the default in the compose window from TO to BCC
A button to change all recipients between TO, CC, and BCC
An extra column - 'Recipient Extended' - in the thread pane


Requires Thunderbird version 78+

Hope this helps.
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Another option when sending to mailing lists is to display the Contacts Sidebar in the composition window by press the F9 key. The mailing list can then be selected from the side panel and "Add to BCC" button (at the bottom of that panel) can be clicked to add the list with that functionality.

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Hi, thank you for your quick and documented answers. My problem is solved.

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