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I occasionally get emails with some content I need translated from another language. Up to Thunderbird 60.8.0 the extension S3 Google Translator was great, popping open a pane in the read message window with the translation of the selected text in it. But it does not work in TB 68, and there's no sign that extension creator is supporting its further development (and the Firefox version has disappeared from AMO). Nor does there appear to be any alternative language translation extension for Thunderbird 68 at all. I really think there ought to be at least one option for language translation in Thunderbird, so if any extension developer is looking for something to do ...

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In this thread for the extension viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2829503&start=600, a new version was released in June 2019. That isn't that long ago, you could try contacting the developer (they appear to be one of the most active in viewforum.php?f=48 , posting several of the extensions that are at the top of the list). To see if they intend to fix it for 68. Many extensions require only very small changes to work in 68, but some will be near impossible. The developer may know.

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Yes, I know that thread. I posted about a TB version IN that thread, but there's been no answer. If you read the thread (which is not really a Thunderbird thread but rather a Firefox one) you'll see there's all sorts of problems. The last version for Thunderbird (which took a lot of hunting for a download link and manual installation), which worked in TB 60.8.0, is version 5.38, but that doesn't work in TB 68.0. For Firefox he got to 6.19 but that's the last signed version before it was kicked out of AMO. The last actual Firefox version is 6.25, but the only link to download THAT is on Reddit, and needs the user to jump through hoops to get it to work on Firefox because it's not a signed add-on. The only place he is still actively releasing versions is in the Google Chrome extensions store with a version for Chrome. There's been no mention of or answer to questions about TB support for a long time, and the trouble over the Firefox version does not bode well for TB support.

Which is why I'm suggesting it would be nice if someone else created a working TB 68 translation extension that can exist with normal installation on Frankly it's the kind of thing important enough I'd expect and hope to see a choice of extensions for, for healthy competition, and as some protection against a developer giving up and dropping out. Currently, on, there are NONE for 68, and even for 60.8 S3 Translator isn't there - you have to go on an extended trail of forums and posts and reddit to find it.

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A week ago I needed to translate an email and I've noticed there are NO compatible addons for translations for the new Thunderbird 78!
And since I'm building addons for 4 years now, I knew I just can't let this slide :).
It's seven days later and I can proudly present to you my Web Translate 2.0:


(available also for Firefox and soon Chrome as well)

If you like it, please rate it!
Thank you!

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I happened to stumble across that yesterday while looking for a Google Keep Extension for TB, and installed it immediately. Must have appeared just before I found it. Thanks very much. :)

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