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I have happily migrated from Eudora but one feature I liked and used in Eudora and can't replicate in Thunderbird is "Clear fomatting" under "Edit text". Am I missing something or can someone suggest a workaround, please? Thanks!

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yes please how does one clear text formatting especially when copying text from different emails into one....? [-o<

Rod Whiteley

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Perhaps you mean Edit – Paste Without Formatting, or perhaps you mean Format – Remove All Text Styles.

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The fact that you cannot get rid of the in many instances annoying formatting has been bothering me for years, :cry:
The only solution I have found to work around this stupidity is to copy and paste everything to either Note Pad or less radical, into Word and then correct everything and copy and paste it back into a new message page. Absurd !

I you know a better way, please post here, thanks.

Kaarlo von Freymann Helsinki Finland


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Please check the date/s before posting.
This thread died in 2009.

Start a new one, in the Support forum, stating your problem.


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