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Post Posted June 8th, 2010, 6:40 pm

right-click a particular important mail, click onto "make sticky". This mail will then stay on-top of the other mails and also have a different color according to the sticky preferences. After having replied to it at some point, one right clicks it again and clicks "un-stick", which will turn it back into a default email (back into default sort order, no color).

Reason (for the devs): on some days I get so many mails in my different accounts that I cannot always answer them right away, resulting in even important mails scooting down the list too much.

I know that I can mark a message as important etc. and then change the sort order accordingly, but that's a work-around. I would be much more efficient and very very convenient not to mess with sort order.

I am not alone with this request, see here :)
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Have you considered using existing features to get the same result? You could Tag the messages as "To Do" (or something similar) using the right click context menu and then use the View drop down selector to display only messages with that particular tag when you wanted to review that group of messages for action.

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To add to what Dan has said, you can create a search for a particular tag (e.g. To Do) and save the search as a saved search folder. After you go through the inbox tagging messages you would open the saved search folder to see the messages you have tagged in a particular way. You could use the existing tags or add your own to group the messages in a meaningful way (i.e. messages that need to be answered today, messages that need research).

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Yes, thanks Dan and Jim, all of this is possible, but I simply want messages which I tagged with 'To Do' to be on top in the main window list without having to click or do anything :) So all that would need to be implemented in the prefs is a toggle "Messages tagged 'To Do' on-top", plus preferably a color/ highlight color chooser for To Do messages.
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I'd like this feature too. I find it really useful in the Mantis bugtracker that I use.


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Post Posted August 8th, 2017, 4:59 am

Please start a new thread if you have a problem etc., etc.& check the date before posting.
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