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feepcreature wrote:
Johann_P seems most of the bug are marked as "through 1.0.1" which I understand as "including" 1.0.1 (but maybe my english is poor) - which would be contradicting the article and what you say.

Your English is fine - it's just that the author was using a dialect of American :-)

No it doesn't. In American, in this context, "through" means "up to and including," as it does in British. Not one of those "two cultures separated by a common language" moments, I'm afraid.

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Actually, 'through' does not mean that in British English -- it does not exist in that context at all. One would say "inclusive" in English (as in, "M1 to 1.0.1 inclusive" in British English means the same as "M1 through 1.0.1" in American English).

But you are right, it means "up to and including" ...

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