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I love the new find feature for bookmarks and the addition of new mail filters including a spam filter.

The feature set of the mail filters is extensive and involves a learning curve to master them. After viewing the "Introduction to the DOM Inspector" I thought that something similar for the mail filters would be very useful. There is a "learning curve" involed in mastering the Mail filters." If I understoof the Mail filters I would volunteer to write a tutorial. I am still learning how to best utilize these filters so am not up to the task. I realize that some of the mail filters are incomplete/partially implemented. When the filters are more mature, it would be nice to have a short tutorial descvribing their use. My thanks to everyone who have spent many hours improving "Mail and Newsgroups".

Mozilla is quickly surpassing most other browsers advailable, especially since Mozilla is one of the few (the only one?) browser suites containing a set of Internet tools such as a Browser, IRC, Newsgroups, Composer, Dom Inspector and JavaScript debugger. (Often a software suite contains only one good application and several less than "best of breed applications to make up a suite, Just look at Microsoft Office. Mozilla now seems to be bucking the trend of many "application suites" since its applications beyond the browser are shaping up to be very good programs in their own right.) I use Mozilla primarially because it is speedy. I also highly Value Mozilla because it is a browser suite.

I want to thank the programmers and bug reporters/testers. You have produced an excellent software padkage.

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