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Post Posted November 11th, 2002, 1:14 pm

The query box on Bugzilla's front page is gone. That sucks. It does not bode well for reducing the number of duplicate bugs, for one thing.

On a nearly related point, I wish there was a forum here just for Bugzilla.

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Post Posted November 12th, 2002, 7:20 am

Its been temporarily blocked because of the load it was putting on teh database. See bug 179500 for details.

Basically, what was happening was that people who were using thh mozilla search sidebar with bugzilla as one of teh queries ended up doing a really inefficeint (and buggy[1]) query[2]. This interacted with the bugzilla update in a bad way, which made the query behave really badly, bascially clogging up the server.

[1] The query itsself was buggy, but bugzilla misparsed it, which just made the query even worse.
[2] And igoring the result, since the serach sidebar plugin hasnt' worked with bugzilla for several months. Noones complained yet, which probably measn that its not being used.

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