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Hi, I'm new to, and I got the Mozilla 1.2 web browser after reading the December of Mac World. It is a fine web browser very fast for downloads form the sites to work with overseas.

Question 1. How can I set up the email to be for my .Mac Mail?

Question 2. When I download something, I have to go and fine the folder that I want it to go into. How do I set it to always go to that folder?
Alden Keith Stubblefield

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Alden wrote:How can I set up the email to be for my .Mac Mail?

Open Mail & Newsgroups (Window > Mail & Newsgroups), go to Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, click 'Add Account...' and follow the instructions on screen. The incoming mail server is and you can get more help <a href="">direct from Apple</a>.

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Hi Alden,

<rant>The preferences for setting up a mail account are in an extremely hard to locate location. I wish the mail preferences would be moved to the main preferences since even for a regular user the account settings are often difficult to find since they are not used all thatoften and the user expects them to be included with the main preferences.</rant>

Here is how to locate the mail preferences:

1. In the menu bar at the top of your MacIntosh computer go to the menu item <b>Window</b>.
2. Click on the item <b>Mail and Newsgroups</b> to open Mail.
3. In the <b>Mail</b> sidebar click on the small icon which looks like an envelope with a stamp on it. (I believe it will be the first icon in the sidebar.)
4. When you click on the correct icon the main window will change and be titled <b>Mozilla Mail</b>.
5. Under the heading <b>Accounts</b> click on the item <b>Create a new account.</b>
6. A dialogue window will open up where you can choose to set up an <b>email</b> or <b>newsgroup</b> account. Click on the arrows and Mozilla will ask you for all the information to set up a Mail (i.e. .mac) account.

I also like the Mozilla newsreader, so you may want to set up a Newsgroup account. If you are interested in following the deveolpment of Mozilla you may want to set up a newsgroup account for <b></b>. Be sure on this account to set the port to <b>563</b>.

If You are are using OS X try out the Classic theme under the <b>View</b> menu. Click on <b>Apply Theme</b>. The Classic Theme provides a Mac OS X look for Mozilla. Mozilla will look just like any other OS X application.

I hope this information helps you to set up the .mac account.

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