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A Japanese Mozilla user(he posted mailing list) found the very interesting product. Mozilla lives in a small-sized flash memory, called "Magic NC", which connects directly to the IDE connector in PC. The capacity of flash memory is 32MB. Linux with XFree86 and each applications(Mozilla1.0.1rc2 and Xpdf, etc) are in it. The mail data and the like save to 8MB on flash memory. This is a point of "Magic NC". The latest version of "Magic NC" corresponds to a USB flash disk. You get detailed information by translated pages(see below).<BR>
<A HREF="">
Magic NC (Cramworks, Inc)</A>
<A HREF="">
Photo report in Akihabara(Tokyo, Japan). (Impress Corporation)</A>

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Nice... Mozilla is moving into more interesting places, glad its being used in more products now :) :)

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