Choosing Vinyl Shutters To Get A Home

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Choosing Vinyl Shutters To Get A Home

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I would suggest going to Tools > Add-ons Manager.
Click the gear wheel icon.
Remove the check mark for "Check for Updates".

I have mine set to "Update Add-ons Automatically".

If you use SeaMonkey mail with Lightning enabled.
Create a recurring task to remind yourself to check for extension updates once a month, or whatever interval you prefer.
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lucapearce wrote:In the middle of that process - SeaMonkey took me from that page to one of 4 add-on windows that loaded to remind me that there were updates available. Additionally, each Browser window had a popup window or message balloon load reminding me of the same basic information.

You can manage with add-ons update:
Menu -> Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Software Installation -> in "Add-ons" field you can set what you desire, e.g. weekly check with or without automatic download and install


Another "reminder" (lately rarely encountered) is about plugins:
Menu -> Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plugins -> in "When a page requires plugins" field disable/unmark "Warn me if additional plugin need to be installed"


I hope it will help a little.

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