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Most important than all i think that composer is a great WYSIWYG editor, but not a very useful code editor... i found myself doing some layouts in composer but i can't even write in Composer... only a couple of weeks ago you were allowed to _search_ in the textarea... i think that the editor should be far more capable, and that should be with extensions.

Extensions will be a key part of the project too.

I think that something useful that shouldn't be an extension is a Tidy checker The Validate HTML of current composer takes you to the W3C website while you can do it on your own computer. Tidy does an excellent job with XHTML1.1 strict websites.

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If this is about the SeaMonkey composer, you might want to post in one of the SeaMonkey boards.

You're right, the code editor isn't very good. But I mostly use it to write simple documents - anything more complicated, I do in Visual Studio.


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Moving to SeaMonkey General

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Sorry to say but the chance that composer is or will be in any way enhanced with the current dev base is mostly 0. I wish it would be different.

When it comes to extensions it is even sadder. Classic extensions are almost all broken because of Mozilla source code removals. Web extension support is still at least months away.

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I have 28 extensions, some of them years old, which still work. I just increased the max version number for target application in install.rdf in the installers. Of course, there are some which no longer work, so I have had to find replacements.

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Any halfway complex add-on will no longer work in 2.56+

Mozilla cleaned out Gecko pretty badly. Thunderbird has put up a guide:

This hurts most among others:

> Dialog (optionsType=1) and Inline (2) options were removed in bug 1414406. Thunderbird will not support that feature any more, only options in tabs (3) work now.

Solution is to show an options url in the menu. We still need to port it for SeaMonkey.


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