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Reading that a number of old timers here already have, or are considering, a move to SeaM, because of all the new UI nonsense, but especially because of the coming addons debacle when XUL is nuked.

One of my main concerns about moving to SeaM is that, since they don't have the resources of FF, I wonder if it is as safe? Does it get the same security patches as FF, and is it patched as often? I understand that most current FF addons will be compatible with SeaM.


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For the most part, SeaMonkey gets all of the same security patches as Firefox, sometimes with a little delay, but not long.

I say "for the most part" because this summer Mozilla decided to change the build requirements for Gecko but didn't help update the build machines for SeaMonkey so there were several months where SeaMonkey was missing a few security updates. However, patches to Gecko are not the only security system that SeaMonkey shares with Firefox... the phishing/malware blocklist and the addons blocklist are updated even if the core isn't. Also, most of the same security extensions from Firefox will work in SM.

I'd recommend reading the FAQ I put together here:
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Thanks Patrick for all that. Haven't read through it yet--only briefly skimmed, but the FAQ you put together looks invaluable. Will have a close read later. Thanks again, just the kind of thing I was looking for.


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Moving to SeaMonkey General.
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