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Ok, to give you a little history:

I bought my Gateway 2000 Pentium 75 way back 1994 with 32MB RAM and it originally had Win 3.11. Since then it has passed through these OSes: Win 95, Redhat 4.x, Slackware 3.x, Slackware 4.x, Slackware 7.x acting first as a desktop and then as an IP Masq server for my home LAN; but for the past half a year it hasn't been in use since the home LAN was down to 2 PCs.

Just yesterday I attempted to install Slackware 8.1 with KDE 3.0 on it and surprisingly it works kinda ok. I installed Phoenix and it seems to run faster than that konqueror browser. I'm so happy to see that this junk pc isn't so junky after all!

Hehe, works with a Pentium 75 with 32MB RAM and 128MB swapfile under Slack 8.1 (2.4.18). Maybe you should change the minimum requirements. :)

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