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Ok, perhaps everybody know this and I'm really dumb, in this case please help me !

I'm newbie on a debian woody, and thus, I have mozilla 1.0 (apt-get don't allow 1.1)

I have a big problem : when I middleclick to a tab to close it, it close it (good) but it try to open my buffer as an adresse in the other tab !

Let me explain:

1. During my work, I select a text or an url (whatever, say "I selected this" )$
2. I close a tab with middle click
3. the sub-tab try to open www.I selected this and I've got an error box ! It's really annoying !

In some case, I copy a word that exist in URL=> that's whorst ! I lose my tab for an completely unknown website ! (strangely, it's often adult website ! the most words are this kind of website ! And it's not funny when you have to work !)

thx for help icon_wink.gif

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take a look at

its in there somewhere.

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