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exists but hasn't been advancing. There is an absolutely immense amount of information available in the developer newsgroups. Data mining and compiling it would cover almost everything that could be known about Moz. The nature of ngs is that many questions get covered over and over again. It is observable that there is less help coming from higher level developers, especially corporate employees. I've noticed that smart guys like Gunnar pitch in for a few months, but then get to feeling overwhelmed. And the ultimate helper Jay Garcia has turned and now declares that Mozilla isn't for users. (te he ... if this were an ng, there'd be 50 replies in the next 12 hours!) [Happy holidays, Jay!]

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I am very disappointed. But if I were to analyse my anticipatory feelings, I would say that the answers below, (down to Nov.27th), are pretty typical of the way I have found things to be in the ‘alternative’, and ‘free’ province of Linux and Mozilla. Which doesn’t mean that I expect others to give me a bed, and sheets, and blankets, and a perhaps soft pillow, for my tiredness; but what it does mean is that there does not, - as yet -, appear to be any accessible body of written work, Indexed and accessible from a search engine, that could, and hopefully would, encourage the newcomer to the software on quite how to manoeuvre those first few steps.

I haven’t looked at any of the offered sites as yet, primarily because I was so distressed having read through my first enquiry, followed closely by Zeddock, and then the conversation between various people down to the latest posting. And nowhere was there any realisation as to exactly where an infant ought learn to crawl. I don’t feel that I’m being unfair, because the help sections of Outlook Explorer and Internet Explorer are just so bad that I wouldn’t advise my very worst enemy, well I hope not anyway, to use help in either OE or IE, for fear of suffering a total nervous collapse at the incredible absence of English Grammar at Redmond.

But to find that such an imbecilic culture, (Microsoft Corporation), has infected the minds of even those who have worked so hard to plan an alternative machine culture, (Linux through Mozilla), is very disheartening.

I am tempted to say that should I ever acquire the know how and fondness for the Mozilla software that I intuitively feel is present here, sufficient shall we say to be able to cope with the first few screens in most directions; then I would be quite prepared to attempt an entry level guide for the novice on just that. How to Cope with the First few Screens of Mozilla- a novice’s guide and footsteps. I am tempted, but realistically, I am not prepared to avow my dedication because of the immense amounts of time. Not only demanded by the first written copy, but by the relentless ongoing analysis of any written work undertaken for the changing environment of such a thing as Mozilla.

Wednesday, 27 November 2002


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What exactly are you looking for?

I have found the Mozilla community to be so helpfull with any needs/problems/ anything related to Mozilla and Phoenix.

I was wondering what exactly you would like to see on this kind of "Newbie" page?

In december I will be working on a site on for help on extensions, and I will like to incorporate basic/easy to understand help for Mozilla..

But what exactly would you like to see there?


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