82.0b2 (64-bit) RELEASED

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Post Posted October 3rd, 2020, 10:43 am

82.0b2 (64-bit) RELEASED ... 0929195155

What’s New
new MailExtensions: API for running content scripts on displayed messages
new MailExtensions: browser.tabs.sendMessage API added

changed Chat icons updated
changed MailExtensions: compose.begin functions now support creating a message with attachments

fixed Searching an address book list did not display results
fixed New news articles were not downloaded
fixed Drag and dropping recipient pills lost cursor and selection
fixed Single-click deletion of recipient pills with middle mouse button restored
fixed Creating a new calendar event did not require an event title
fixed Windows installer was unreadable with Windows in high contrast mode
fixed MailExtensions: Updating attachments with onBeforeSend.addListener() did not work

Changed and Fixed in Beta 2

changed Thunderbird will no longer automatically install updates when Preferences tab is opened

fixed OpenPGP: Improved support for encrypting with subkeys
fixed OpenPGP: Encrypted messages with international characters were sometimes displayed incorrectly
fixed Dark mode, high contrast, and Windows theming fixes


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Redundant thread. Please use - viewtopic.php?f=29&t=3057924&start=90

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