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I used Morat's code to change the special folders for all my accounts to use different colors and it worked great.

I would really like to also be able to change the color of the non-special folders (all the other folders such as all the folders in Local Folders).

Is there css code that would allow changing the color of these non-special folders? Or is there code that would allow changing the color of all folders to the same color (both special and non-special folders)?


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what irks me is, people that complain about something there getting for FREE, complain when you gotta pay for it.

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Phoenity Icons

That addon styles the folder pane starting in version 3.0b5. (see pics)

Changing folders icons in new Thunderbird

Here is how to add custom colored folders to the folder pane styling.

More info: viewtopic.php?p=14876215#p14876215

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