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Post Posted September 3rd, 2019, 11:11 am

Bonjour & hi and all:

TB beta 69.0b4 w10. W/the end of "La vacance" in france, the new France Inter shows for the next yr have appeared. The new show "Du vent dans les synapses" de Daniel Fiévet has an RSS xml, which TB subscriptions says I already have subscribed to (so it cannot "add"). While I suspect the xml is the same for M. Fiévet's "le temps d'un bivouac" available only june/july chaque année, I can't see the .xml. Where might I find that -- config ed doesn't seem to be the place...?

Here's the xml I want to add.

Thank you, merci bien & all that.
Paul L


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Select the Blogs & News Feeds account, then click Manage Subscriptions.
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