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Post Posted May 10th, 2018, 6:35 pm

I'm an IT journalist, and one of my upcoming subjects is supposed to be on the new version of Thunderbird. ESR closely follows Firefox, which moved to version 60. I know there can be some delay, but do we have any ETA on Thunderbird 60? If not, how close is the beta to the final version? Will the release be basically identical apart from a few bug fixes? I'm unsure as to whether I should leave this article till last and hope it will be released, go off the beta version, or negociate replacing it with a different subject...
Thanks for any info!

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i dont think there is any " ETA " when TB60 will be released, it'll be released when its ready, look at the release notes of TB60 an you'll see whats New


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There is no more Thunderbird ESR as it just gets Released in ESR fashion since Thunderbird 17.0.

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The next Thunderbird release version may very well be 52.8.0, given that there is always an overlap of usually two cycles between Gecko ESR versions, depending on whether or not 60.0 is deemed ready "enough" for release.

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ETA for 60 is now early June

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Ah, thanks!

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