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Hello: this is prob not a (direct) t-bird prob, but I hope to find a fix here (TIA?). W7pro. earlybird daily (but see below). Chrome & FF stable.-I made mistake of installing Panda free AV. Inadvertantly "neutralized" thunderbird.exe (this is in its own earlybird folder, no stable on the laptop). Even tho uninstalled panda (not using Revo, only CClean) , rebooted, R & R earlybird (cclean) after using mozbackup, ran reg cleaners, used a different profile, set t-bird (in earlybird) as default in control panel - none of the above allows the use of the extensions as before - these are: in FF "email link button 0.9.1" by Lauke & "share link by email" v 2.1. Both use the "mailto" protocol. Both worked before installing Panda.
-Should I try a stable install of t-bird (in another dir)? What else should I try? Thank you.
Paul L

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