Mozilla is already dropping support for OSX 10.6 10.7 10.8

Discussion about official Mozilla Thunderbird builds

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Post Posted May 5th, 2016, 12:12 pm

This concerns what is being done to us poor users, explained here:
< ... -for-os-x/ >
and here:
< viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2995835 >
yes this has already caused us to lose support for Daily Thunderbird builds as well

I've posted this to:
< ... mment-form >
to get more support for us;
(needs moderation, not shown as of thu-may05-2016)


I am on Disability with No End In Sight.

With help, I ended up with a model "iMac6,1" depicted here:
[ ... specs.html ]
Bought it 'new' at a local CompUSA store, since we did not have any Apple® stores here at the time.
(Now, CompUSA is closed, of course.)

That is the only computer I have.
Can't afford anything else.

Yes it's old, and severely limited.
(biggest limitation is its EFI/BIOS at 32-bit, even tho its Core2Duo CPU is capable of 64-bit and runs most OSX tasks in that mode)
(this is related to how the original MacPro towers were designed)

But it's been a good companion all these years.

I need the large screen, and its matte finish.

My paid job was doing technical work in a mainframe shop, with private wired network across the state, before Internet even.

A secondary job at the same agency was to try building a FreeBSD desktop system using their antiquated PCs (ended up with ca. 500-MHz PentiumII tower, even tho the agency was already able to afford much-better PCs for people that 'counted' [I better shaddup here with that kind of talk]).

During these years, I've become rather critical of the times we are in now.

Seems the internet-software market has become too dependent on "luxury".

For example, I need simple suitable representation of the texts and pictures on a webpage.
We already have "standards" to dictate what that entails,
and we already have suitable software to draw them on our screens.

Same thing about using Thunderbird for email.

Another example:
I do not need e.g. "e10s"
and have instructed FireFox to shut off that option here
even if this iMac and o.s. can do multitasking.

Yet another example:
Ordering food and paying bills, etc, need Protections via encryption etc.
So far, I've been able to compile various F/OSS projects that are needed to do this.
Codes that are 'newer' than provided by Apple®.

This gave me a notion I've had throughout all this:
Data is Data,
and their processing does not necessarily need a new o.s.,
just updated code to be run by the user.
And Thus I blame Apple® for directly causing me Maximum Grief here
and secondarily blaming the F/OSS entities for dropping us poor people
since now I must be worried about it
and write these complaints in public arenas.

Also I need to mention that I've been testing the Nightly Builds and also the tinderbox builds here
and opened several bugzilla tickets over the recent years.

There's more to it
but I hope I've explained enough for now.

Thank you.


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Post Posted May 5th, 2016, 12:24 pm

Duplicate, locking. Continue the discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2995835

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