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Hello: earlybird 44.0a2 daily updated, w7pro. Unknown if this is a build-only issue, I do not have stable t-bird installed. My hotmail (outlook) imap incoming email ( is downloading ok from MS. But the messages are not showing when I have the view setting to "unified" folders, which had worked flawlessly for years, until last month. That is, "inbox" currently shows all my emails except those from my hotmail, which box appears in the unified inbox, but not the messages until I open the hotmail "icon". Starting in safe mode does not fix. I have one filter for the hotmail acct., to move certain msgs. (but only those certain msgs., not "all" msgs) on arrival to a subfolder; this has worked for yrs. & continues to work w/no changes. Is a reset in order +/o is there something else to fix (i.e., completely remove something not in a profile dir but elsewhere)? Thank you.
Paul L

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