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I have been struggling recently with a couple of SSL accounts, including gmail and outlook365 where, for no reason, Thunderbird could no longer login into these accounts. I have not changed anything on my end and I accept all the different updates that mozilla offers. I have reinstalled the thunderbird on numerous occasion without resolving the issue ....
Until this morning, I was investigating how I could get a log from thunderbird. Logs seems to be activated via the terminal (would be nice to have detailed logs in the app by the way) and I came across this line
Using this line opens the app via the terminal and by miracle thunderbird opens the accounts in question, logging perfectly. I copy the app alias to my doc and reclick but on reopening, the problem persists. So I am condemed to open thuinderbird via the terminal to see these accounts.
Anybody have an idea why and better still how I can rectify this?

Thunderbird 30.0 Mac 10.7.5

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I have read that thunderbird-bin is a safe mode and that plugins and extentions were thn issues. I have removed all the ectension but I still get the same problems.


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See for more information about logging. There are logging add-ons such as Log helper but they seem to require you to use the command line to enable logging, they just make it easier to manage the results. I've read conflicting statements about whether you need to do the same thing with TBTracer

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