Daily Build Thread 2014-05-15 Through 2014-05-21

Discussion about official Mozilla Thunderbird builds

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Daily Build Thread
[If you would like to volunteer to post this weekly thread on a rotational basis
Please go here: ... ld_Threads for further instructions.]

Danger, Will Robinson, danger!
Current situations to be aware of
Running TB 12 with local mail folders and pop3 mail filters may produce summary files that aren't correctly read by previous versions of Thunderbird See: TB 12 Known Issues

Checkins This Week

Now posted in each channel's status section

Recent Bugs/Links of interest

Latest Tested Builds

The current nightly build, unless otherwise noted

Thunderbird-Beta Thunderbird 30.0 / Gecko 30.0 Status


Tbpl l10n Dashboard

Checkins This Week
None Yet

Earlybird Thunderbird 31.0a2 / Gecko 31.0 Status


Latest-Nightly Links en-US l10n
Tbpl l10n Dashboard

Checkins This Week
None Yet

Daily Thunderbird trunk 32.0a1 / Gecko 32.0 Status


Latest-Nightly Links en-US l10n
Tbpl l10n Dashboard

Checkins This Week

[May 15 05:29:53 2014 PDT]#957495 [MailNews Core:Filters]-Error message newly shown by patch for bug 782738 is wrong [All]
[May 20 07:25:54 2014 PDT]#738916 [Thunderbird:Message Compose Window]-Icons of unfocused selected attachments should not be faint (both message reader & composition) [Win]
[May 20 07:25:54 2014 PDT]#749099 [Thunderbird:Folder and Message Lists]-Show the space that will be or has been saved after compacting folders [All]

[May 21 05:02:10 2014 PDT]#1003295 [Thunderbird:Theme]-Win8: Text color on inactive tabs makes text very hard to read (FX bug 940393) [Win]
[May 21 09:58:56 2014 PDT]#1011616 [Thunderbird:Instant Messaging]-Join Chat dialog box won't close with Auto-join this Chat Room checked [Lin]
[May 21 12:05:49 2014 PDT]#943116 [Thunderbird:Mail Window Front End]-folderDisplay.selectedMessages is too slow [All]
[May 21 23:11:08 2014 PDT]#1010714 [Thunderbird:Theme]-From field doesnt have the same padding as to/cc/bcc/subject [Ope]

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Fix checked in (if it holds).

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