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Hello. I *think* this is the right place for this ... tell me where to go if not. ;-)

For several months now Daily's autocomplete of email addresses has been bad -- and I think it's worse over the past few days. One or two bugs *might* be related but neither is open and confirmed. Behaviors are like this:

1. Type two letters of an email *address* you know. For me, "ah" shows me four addresses in a select panel. No matter which I select and <enter>, I get the first address.

2. In this case, Daily repeat the "ah" followed by two angles followed by the display name of the address that had been first in the list just shown to me:

ah >> Benson, First name <>

3. In recent weeks I also see a lot of addresses being split across To boxes when I select one. I can induce that by typing the first letters of a last name in a contact. In this case, Daily completes the name and address without a selelction panel. I can press tab or enter to select, and in either case I'll get the last name on one To box and the first plus email address (in angle brackets) in a second.

So Daily's a little choppy these days. Anyone else seen this stuff?

There's a bug for (3) that's close (969696), but someone's been a little dismissive so there's no action there.

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