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Post Posted February 11th, 2014, 9:28 pm

Hello: no replies (yet?) on my post "filter by subject," here. I can't get my filters to work, at all. It's the same setup (w8.1, aurora/earlybird daily) as described in "filter by subject", but I've changed the criteria to look for the sender's name (which is always the same), preceding the email address (from). The subfolder exists. Nothing automatically filters into it. But if I right-click on the message in the (upper right) list pane, there is a choice in the contextual menu: "move to [last folder selected'] again" which shows the, duh, last folder selected in the contextual menu when I choose the "move to" choice (again, this changes with whatever I last selected). That manual move does work. And what's with the "again"? AFAIK, the messages never got there in the first place? Or, are these filters hyper-efficient, moving them out again from the destination subfolder, so I can see them in the inbox (I use unified folder view. Have for years-is this an issue?).
-Is there something I'm missing in setting up the filters? Or, are there additional instructions to do? And, ("I'm careful, I promise") I do use about:config as needed.

Thank you.
Paul L


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Post Posted February 28th, 2014, 9:48 pm

howdy fbu924,

the 1st thing to ask is ... is the filter properly selecting the msg? try setting the action to add a tag [such as "important" that also turns the msg red] but NOT doing anything else.

also, you may want to post the filter text from msgFilterRules.dat and post it here for folks to get a look at.

take care,

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Post Posted April 6th, 2014, 10:50 am

Hello: update on this problem. Earlybird daily is up to 30.0a2. Somewhere along the way since my post, the problem has gone away. I can't call it solved because I don't know the source of the fix. I suspect developers found a bug & fixed it, because my trying different filter workarounds had not worked (hence the post). So thanks, whoever youse are.
-Minor prob. still exists, where emails from a specific, known safe source should be filtered immediately to trash. On earlybird 1st open of the day, *some* (not all & I don't know why) posts remain in the inbox. But I restart of earlybird. Then the filter does detect the previously unmoved msgs. & while I watch, these disappear properly, having been correctly filtered to the trash. I have minimal knowledge of coding, so have no explanation, nor in this case is it important to me. The more crucial filters now always work (no restart necessary).
Paul L

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