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Hello: this is for daily build 25.0a1 25july13. w8.1pre, w/auto win updates. I repair the registry at least weekly w/cclean.exe. Just found that the only way to print is to be in the "list messages" (upper R) pane. I use unified folders, classic view. If I highlite the message in the list and do ctrl-p, the print dialog comes up as it should. If I use menu-file-print in same setup (as previous sentence) it works. But if I "open" the message in the msg. pane (lower R) and use ctrl-p or file menu "print", nothing happens.

I am never sure where to post these, in "builds" or "bugs." I don't crosspost in general.

Thank you.
Paul L


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Moving to Thunderbird Builds, where pre-release versions are discussed.

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