2003-05-15 Win32 Build Available

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Post Posted May 16th, 2003, 3:52 pm

mscott wrote:...
Changes include:
1) Fixed the crash when trying to customize toolbars
2) Thread menu is back for the news junkies who noticed its accidental absence in the last windows build.
3)Everything that went into the Mozilla Mail trunk since last week.

I'm a little fuzzy on the concept of trunk, could somebody please explain it to me?
I've downloaded Mozilla 1.4 beta, and one of the things there is the ability to specify default font when composing an HTML message.

Seeing as how that feature is not in Thunderbird's latest build, does that mean that 1.4 beta is not in the trunk? What is -- patches to Mozilla 1.3.1?



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Post Posted May 17th, 2003, 11:53 am

Something weird happened when I upgraded from the spellcheck build to the last one. Firstly when I click a link in a mail nothing happens. Doesn't open the page in Firebird. No idea how to fix this.
Further my toolbar got strange and Thinderbird crashed when I tried to customize it.

Did a clean install, imported bookmarks , adressbook and settings et voila, everything perfect. Only links do still not open in mails. For me a big problem. Never had it with Thunderbird (and Minotaur), only now.
Anybody any ideas?

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