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I am using cardbook as my address book and I have created categories in the address book. 1 of my categories has 1200 names in it. I use Mail merge add-on on a consistent basis and never have an issue with it merging. although my merges have been relatively small. I tried doing a merge for these 1200 names and it only seems to take 384 names. my service provider has no restriction on me and how much I send.
does anyone have nay idea why I can only send to 384 names ?

if there any other solution or add-on where I can send to all 1200 individual contacts. I do not need it personalized. Just individual. I have tried Mailchimp, but it seems spam filters my customers are using blocks the mass email.
I would like to do this from Thunderbird.

Appreciate any help.



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I suggest you contact the add-ons author to confirm if they imposed a limit.

My impression was that you can use both categories and a mailing list with CardBook. You could copy the contents of one address book to a new one and then use the menu command to convert a category to a list. That will let you keep using the existing address book the way you prefer for most email but use mailing lists for the few exceptions where categories aren't working right.

My impression was you are not using mail merge for personalization, you're using it to send individual direct email. However if your email provider doesn't impose a limit what is the downside of using a mailing list? You could create a contact called Undisclosed Recipients: Your Mailing List Name that uses your email address , send the mail to it and BCC the mailing list. ... categories ... umentation

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