Updating to Thunderbird 78 (Windows 10)

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Is there going to be any consolidation of these two update paths? Only seeing one version now being made available for download (91.1.0). Can't seem to find version 78 for download in any obvious places.

Maybe there will be a new release that fixes some bugs on version 91.1.0, and another to 78.x to bring THAT up to 91.1.0 as well. This would greatly simplify things for end users and maybe developers also.

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Yes. Eventually auto-updates to 78.* will update to 91.*. This issue occurs with every new major version.

I'm not aware of any detailed release engineering policies being written down and the details/timing can vary but they always eventually offer a upgrade path by auto-update. The project doesn't just want you to get the latest security fix, they really want you to get the latest release.

The auto-update to a more recent major version seems to typically occur after they decide they aren't going to offer any more minor upgrades to that major version. In a few cases they kept releasing minor versions long enough for a major version that two other major versions were released before they enabled the auto-upgrade to a later major version. When that happened it quickly updated yet again. i.e. upgrade path was A -> B -> C, not A -> C

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Post Posted October 6th, 2021, 11:32 am

78 is now updating to 91 under Help:About.

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