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Post Posted January 26th, 2021, 7:34 pm

Hello everybody,
Do we find a reference somewhere about userChrome.css for Thunderbird ?
I wrote one of 400 lines with the help of this forum, but as I left it unchanged for more than a year, as you can imagine I lost some of the notions, and a documentation would be welcome to update that.
I coloured the lines in threads according to whether there are unread elements, whether the selected line shows an unread element, and so on. I imagine two examples will help somebody who practised the topic to catch me.

Now, in the selector I should like to exclude a column, so that it can display different information with its style.

When I searched about that I found a page on that spoke about DOM inspector, as I remember it is useless to read further.

Oh got it, I have got datecol somewhere in the parentheses after -moz-tree-cell, but ... something clear about that would be welcome.

So, does that exist, or ... Do we have to always ask the same questions again and again ?


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Post Posted January 28th, 2021, 7:05 am

Not obviously theme related. Moving to Thunderbird General.

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Gloops wrote:DOM Inspector... useless to read further

You should read about the Browser Toolbox since the DOM Inspector is obsolete. In Thunderbird, the Browser Toolbox is called the Developer Toolbox.

More info: viewtopic.php?p=14866214#p14866214

CSS Reference

Styling a Tree

These links may give you some info on css related changes.

Addon Guide for Thunderbird 57 to Thunderbird 60

Addon Guide for Thunderbird 60 to Thunderbird 67

Addon Guide for Thunderbird 68

Addon Guide for Thunderbird 78

Thunderbird Release Notes (current)

Thunderbird Release Notes


You could try asking your question in another forum.

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Post Posted January 28th, 2021, 10:36 am

Oh, thank you.
I know most of that, but a glance at it can appear useful.
As I understand, CustomCSSforTb can be a start for what I am looking for ; going to see that.
Discussions about this topic used to be hosted on the themes forum, it does not seem to be the case any more, I am going to see the two ones you tell me.
Good bye.

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