Which pre-68 version should I go for? (or: 60.8 vs 60.9)

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Until this weekend (when TB quietly updated itself after I had diligently clicked "NO" every now and then for a few months now) I had been using TB 60.8.0.

Now, according to the Is Thunderbird dead and other FAQ thread, "legacy add-ons are essentially no longer supported starting with version 68". Does that mean all pre-68 versions are safe to use for add-ons that still worked with version 60, or are versions 63 and up "simply 68 all but in name"? I see they all have "b" in their name, so I'm guessing they're all just transitionary versions -- is that correct?

I'm trying to figure out if I should up^H^Hdowngrade to 60.8.0 again or if I should try one of the other versions that came out before version 68. For example, I see there's a 60.9.1. Does anyone have any experience with 60.9.1 and its compatability with "legacy" add-ons?



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I'm not aware of any significant differences in the various versions of 60.* that effect add-ons. I suggest you use 60.9.1 to get the last bug fixes and make it easier to get support.

You should set extensions.strictCompatibility to false if you want to install and try to use legacy add-ons that don't claim to support version 60.*. That doesn't mean that they will work, just that now it will let you install and try them. viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3041270 has information about the status of various legacy add-ons and workarounds for some.

There are a few exceptions where an add-on author modified their legacy add-on to make it work with version 68 but in general legacy add-ons won't work with version 68. Those modifications will not work in the next major release this summer. The Thunderbird developers basically spread the transition from legacy add-ons to WebExtension API based add-ons over several major versions rather than doing it in one release like Firefox did.

I suggest you ignore version 63. It will have the same restrictions as version 68, but be much buggier. ... hunderbird

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