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Post Posted December 21st, 2019, 8:10 am

Recent 'big' updates of TB eg TB 60 & TB 68 appear to have included big internal changes to TB which have in many cases 'broken' much used add-ons. I understand TB70 will also make some big changes. Is this update also likely to break many addons ? Surely this repeated 'breaking' of add-ons is diverting volunteers time away from fixing TB itself back to fixing their add-ons..

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Support for legacy addons to be dropped

When tanstaafl says legacy addon in the above thread, he means a Thunderbird 68 compatible WebExtension using a manifest.json file with the legacy property. Addons in Thunderbird 60 use an install.rdf file. These addons are not WebExtensions.

About Thunderbird Addons

Thunderbird WebExtension APIs

I read that a legacy bootstrap addon should be fairly easy to convert to an experiment_apis addon.

Thunderbird 78 Roadmap (coming in summer 2020) ... 02024.html

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