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I use the Tags feature to manage the workflow for processing my emails.
When a new email arrives I use a Thunderbird filter to tag it as 'To Do'.
Once the relevant process for it is started I mark it as 'Work' and if deferred 'Later'

I would like to automatically publish the status of these emails on a private web site.

One way I can think of this working would be to have Thunderbird send a message to the webserver contianing the essential header details and its tag status.
At anyone time there is usually only 10 or so emails with a tag status set, so a complete list of them could be sent whenever the tag is changed.

Anyone have any ideas on how to implement this requirement?



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Post Posted September 9th, 2019, 5:28 am

Create a message filter and manually run it once a day. You could forward a templated message, that you add information to by executing javascript on the message body. You'd need to enhance the built-in features by installing the Filtaquilla add-on. You could also experiment with doing something like selecting just the tagged messages, print that folder listing using Window 10's PrintToPDF feature, and then include that file as a attachment. You could do that manually or try to automate it via a message filter. ... ltaquilla/ ... ltaquilla/

Another possibility would be to find some way to associate a tagged message with an event in Lightning. That would let you publish via synching with a remote calendar. ReminderFox (a less popular to-do list calendar add-on) had the ability to create a reminder for a message (including selected text from the message body), so I suspect Lightning does.

See ... -messages/

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