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Couple things I am dealing with. One, I have Charter and iCloud accounts. Somehow I may have inadvertently added an Archives (plural) folder instead of using the Archive (singular) folder. I get things sorted out on other devices but in TB the Archives folder keeps returning even though its unsubscribed and in the settings I point to Archive.

The other item is when I do a restore, an old Gmail account is restored even though I deleted it long ago. How can I permanently delete this so it is no longer backed up thus wll no longer be restored? Thanks.


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POP or IMAP accounts?

If you restore a backup it doesn't know or care that you no longer have a webmail account with the email provider. Its basically just restoring instructions on how to communicate with certain mail servers, plus some folders. If you delete the Thunderbird Gmail account using tools -> account settings -> account actions, check the checkbox to delete the accounts data (you to need to move any of its mail beforehand to another account if you want to keep it) and then backup the profile again you should be okay.

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IMAP. Thanks very much for the link to the article. It was quite helpful and things are good now.

Still get the old Gmail account when I do a restore but irs easy enough to deal with it.

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