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I would like to use Thunderbird as a mini CRM. I would like to if possible pull up on the screen with a contacts and see all inbound and outbound emails to that person. I have an addon called list and conversations, which works but I would like to see if this can be down from the address book or if there is any other addons I have missed.



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See "Integrate with a CRM" in . However, many of those add-ons might not support Thunderbird 60.*, and seem to rely upon your buying a copy of a CRM.

Have you considered just storing all messages to/from a person in a dedicated folder for that person? You can use a message filter to automatically move incoming messages based on who sent them, and use copies & folders -> place a copy in -> "place replies in the folder of messages being replied to" to store messages you send to them in the same folder.

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