Duplicating The Use Of "X-Unsent: 1"

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Many years ago, I discovered this simple headers:
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X-Unsent: 1
If included in a file that the default mail application was set to open, would cause the mail application to open the message in "draft mode", where as you could edit the message more, or add more people to the "To:" field, etc, etc, before hitting the Send button.

That wonderful time saver enabled me to use:
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ShellExecute 0, "Open", Filename, "", "", 1
In my VBA applications to send a message file that was constructed with the VBA.

Alas, TB does not honor that header. Bummer.

It's used in hundreds of Excel workbooks which need to generate a custom HTML formatted message for the SendTo.

Serious bummer. ... hunderbird
Okies, I could do that. ... 21(v=vs.85).aspx
I could also do that.

But not now, I need a quick solution. Mainly because I need something that I can drag and drop, or use a secondary interceptor within the "open" command for the ShellExecute to handle the conversion from .EML to command line formatting or something.

But the biggest issue is that I worked a nice little (HA!) macro that took a single worksheet and subdivided it into several .CSV files, IN MEMORY, converted them to Mime64, and built an email with that.
(Code available to any who want to see how it works.)

Oh boi.

Short of hacking the registry or doing weird (and possibly unacceptable) things to the OS, any other suggestions?

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