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I'm sarching for an extension which allows to diplay alert/popup with all unread emails (topic + sender). Or at least alert with eg. "There is 6 new emails". Default alert doesn't work as it should. Follow this:
1. You got a new e-mail, instant popup "1 new message".
2. Instead of opening new email you close the alert with "x".
3. Since now you won't get any new popups but you are still getting new emails and you have no knowledge about this.

This suxxx. It should alert me after every interval refresh.

I tried FireTray. It's nice, TB minimize to tray, I got number of unread messaged in tray but it's still not visible enough for many people. Any ideas? I can't believe that stupid Outlook 6 in Windows XP had this feature and TB doesn't ](*,)


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I suspect most users would get annoyed if the new message alert popup was displayed every 4 minutes, without any additional new mail arriving. The new message alert popup is buggy but (in many versions) seems to get displayed again (after waiting for the next interval) if additional new mail is received since it was last displayed.

Nothing prevents you from running a separate utility that notifies you of new mail such as poptray , poptrayu or poppeeper, while running Thunderbird. They're more likely to provide the customization you are looking for. Don't be mislead by the name. Many POP mail notifier utilities support checking IMAP accounts too, though you may need to install a plugin.

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