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Hi all

I know this is probably a pretty basic question but I'm curious suppose you have a condition like this.

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   && document.querySelector('.value1 input:checked')
   || document.querySelector('#value2:not(:checked)')
   && document.querySelector('.value2 input:checked')
   || document.querySelector('#value3:not(:checked)')
   && document.querySelector('.value3 input:checked'))
    //do something

Is there a way to shorten that down a bit ? After a bit of searching about the simplest way I found was to do

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var values = ["value1","value2","value3"];

for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++)
  if(document.querySelector('#' + values[i] + ':not(:checked)')
     && document.querySelector('.' + values[i] + ' input:checked'))
    // do somthing

but I'm wondering if there is a better / simpler way to look for multiple values without having to do

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document.querySelector('.value1 input:checked')
document.querySelector('.value2 input:checked')
document.querySelector('.value3 input:checked')

maybe something like

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if(document.querySelector('(#value1 || #value2 || #value3):not(:checked)')
&& document.querySelector('(.value1 || .value2 || .value3) input:checked'))
    // do something

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