How to download videos from Youtube to iPhone

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If you are a regular user of the iPhone for watching Youtube videos youtube multi downloader or other online movie sites via Wifi or 3G networks, you will also want to download them to your computer when there is no internet connection. Download Youtube video on your computer will be quite simple but similar on the iPhone users will have many difficulties to download them, article download instructions from Youtube on the iPhone below will help you download Youtube video set be iOS.
You can go to YouTube for free videos, but if you want to download those clips to your iOS device then it's a hard and hard thing to do. But do not worry, now there is Video Donwloader application to download videos from Youtube completely free.
How to download videos from Youtube to iPhone:
In order to download YouTube videos to your iPhone, you first need to install the Video Donwloader app.
Step 1: After you have finished installing Video Donwloader. Start the Donwloader video, at the main interface of the video finder you want to download.
Step 2: Once you have determined the video you want to download download playlist, wait for the video to finish loading. Then, the message "Save to Memory" is checked to proceed to download.
Step 3: The video has been downloaded, to save the video on the memory of your computer, make a note of the "i" in the blue circle to save the video. There will be a message "Transfered to Camera" when the video save process is complete. The video has been saved in the "Camera Roll" folder on your computer's memory.
Step 4: Finally, you can watch the live video on the software by pressing hold on the video will show the Play icon as shown.
So with the tutorial video download from Youtube on the iPhone youtube multi is that you can manually download the video on your iPhone to reserve when not connected to the Internet offline. Good luck!
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The W3C validator tool reports numerous HTML and CSS errors in the code for that site -- ... onformance


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You'll find that Firefox is probably the most standards-compliant browser out there. That's great but it also means that your website must comply with the standards as well. The errors listed in thar W3C review can help you fix your site.
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