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I'm trying to determine the proper way to reference a local XSL stylesheet.

In the XML I have
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="C:/localdir/Generic.xsl"?>

This works in IE regardless of where I put the XML (typically the XML will be opened from an e-mail in our case).
I want to support Firefox. I found that if I change it to be
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="Generic.xsl"?>
it will work, but only if the XML in opened from the same directory as it is located. I would like for it to reference the exact location, so it continues to work with IE, and hopefully with Firefox as well.




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it will work, but only if the XML in opened from the same directory as it is located.

Sounds like you should try relative paths. Here's some info: ... 40502a.htm

If you do indeed want absolute paths, you should probably use something like file://localhost/c/directory (dunno the specifics; you'll probably end up with that if you simply type c:\ in Fx), but if you use relative paths it doesn't matter if you copy or move the whole thing about.
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If it is working in IE it should be ok in Firefox too, but Id confirm your file name extension. Should it be .xls rather than xsl?
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One thing to keep in mind is that with more recent versions, if the stylesheet is not in the same directory as the XML file (or in a subdirectory) it won't work - FF will regard it as a cross-site scripting violation.

So, if you have
and bar.xml pulls in "./baz.xsl" or "baz.xsl", it will work.

If you have
and bar.xml tries to pull in "../snafu/baz.xsl" or "file:///c/snafu/baz.xsl", it will fail as a cross-site scripting violation (I ran into this under Linux with the most recent versions of FF).

I think it will also fail if the path is an absolute (file:///c/foo/baz.xsl) even if the absolute directory is the same as the XML file's directory.

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