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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20211020

The first official 20211021 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The official Firefox 94 Beta 9 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20211020 (Fx 95.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20211020 (Fx 94.0b8)

Mozilla Autoland Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +56
  1. #1731779
  2. #1736692 [Core:Audio/Video]-Netflix is not using video IOSurfaces [mac]
  3. #1735431 [Core:Canvas: WebGL]-Merge WebGLExtension* into WebGLExtensions.cpp [Uns]
  4. #1733440 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Account for parent accs with no frame in bounds caching impl [Uns]
  5. #1736564 [Core:DOM: Bindings (WebIDL)]-Create a common error message for conversion error [Uns]
  6. #1736848 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Don't use nsContentUtils::sNameSpaceManager in Servo. [Uns]
  7. #1736507 [Core:DOM: Editor]-Gecko specific editor UI is not updated if its target position/size is changed from input event listener [All]
  8. #1736508 [Core:DOM: Networking]-Make TCPSocket work with ipv6 address again [Uns]
  9. #1736026 [Core:DOM: Networking]-Show HTTP status code in CORS messages logged to devtools console that can indirectly result from HTTP errors [Uns]
  10. #1577658 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Consider reading ProfileBuffer once to generate the JSON profile [All]
  11. #1736489 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Counters should be output for each sample *before* a change [Uns]
  12. #1736446 [Core:Graphics]-NativeLayerCA should consistently protect member variable access with a lock [Uns]
  13. #1732694 [Core:Graphics]-[MacOS] Fullscreen video controls don't re-appear when hovering with mouse [mac]
  14. #1733500 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Re-enable power-efficient video playback on M1 machines for hardware-decoded video only [mac]
  15. #1736697 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Remove code for checking layer size. [All]
  16. #1736705 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Use ScreenReference DrawTarget instead of creating one from scratch. [All]
  17. #1736621 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-[X11][EGL] Ensure to use same swap interval as on Wayland [Uns]
  18. #1719546 [Core:Internationalization]-Unify Intl APIs in layout/base/nsBidi.h [Uns]
  19. #1719678 [Core:Internationalization]-Unify date interval formatting/ DateTime(Range) formatToParts in SpiderMonkey [Uns]
  20. #1736338 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Barrier overhead from use of Heap<JSObject*> in ArrayBufferOrView [All]
  21. #1732923 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Remove options parameter from JS::EncodeStencil [Uns]
  22. #1736602 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Pass tracer through embedding APIs which update weak pointers after GC [Uns]
  23. #1736604 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Remove the GCPolicy and container sweep methods [Uns]
  24. #1726141 [Core:JavaScript: Internationalization API]-Use getOrCreate helper for js::intl:: objects [Uns]
  25. #1736544 [Core:Javascript: WebAssembly]-Assertion failure: isSome(), at dist/include/mozilla/Maybe.h:782 with WebAssembly [Lin]
  26. #1735481 [Core:Javascript: WebAssembly]-Spurious zero constant generated into register for addressing expression in 64-bit memories [All]
  27. #1731714 [Core:Layout]-Prototype a chrome API for saving a skeleton UI based on the prominent shapes on a webpage [Uns]
  28. #1735715 [Core:Memory Allocator]-Handle gMaxSubPageClass == 0 more elegantly [All]
  29. #1734579 [Core:Networking: DNS]-Make block size of doh padding configurable and choose a more sane default [Uns]
  30. #1713447 [Core:WebRTC: Networking]-Crash in [@ mozilla::DataChannelConnection::SctpDtlsOutput] from MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT(!mShutdown) [All]
  31. #1735972 [Core:WebRTC: Networking]-Datachannel hangs on close - race condition causing iloop with a lock held. [Uns]
  32. #1616390 [Core:WebVR]-XRFrame::GetViewerPose must validate that poses may be reported [Uns]
  33. #1701929 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-macOS: New fullscreen menu slide-in animation not smooth when there is a pinned tab [mac]
  34. #1736523 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Linux] Drag and drop stopped working [Lin]
  35. #1736795 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Linux] nsWindow::GetTitlebarRect() crashes on SW-WR [Uns]
  36. #1735643 [Firefox:Address Bar]-Urlbar search mode indicator invisible in HCM when the urlbar is not focused [Uns]
  37. #1731582 [Firefox Build System:Toolchains]-(clang-13) Upgrade llvm toolchain to 13 [Uns]
  38. #1736659 [Firefox:Installer]-Fix `FirefoxBetaBeta` identifiers in Firefox Beta packages [Uns]
  39. #1735898 [Firefox:Installer]-Register as an AVIF handler [All]
  40. #1736876 [Firefox:Installer]-Stop migrating profiles into App Package builds [Uns]
  41. #1733574 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-New shortcut image field is not so visible with Dark theme [All]
  42. #1732914 [Firefox:Nimbus Desktop Client]-Add new unenrollment reason when targeting is no longer satisfied [Uns]
  43. #1736260 [Firefox:Preferences]-DoH turned off - Firefox still using Cloudflare [Uns]
  44. #1732429 [Firefox:Search]-Add telemetry for counting of searching via New Tab page [All]
  45. #1736536 [Firefox:Session Restore]-Expect the "Show me how" button to be a primary button (blue / highlight colour instead of grey) [All]
  46. #1730021 [Firefox:Session Restore]-Firefox does not restore session on restart [All]
  47. #1732572 [Firefox:Site Permissions]-Can't reopen minimized firefox [Uns]
  48. #1729911 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Define a minimum unused period to unload a tab [Uns]
  49. #1730066 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Enable tab unloading on macOS [mac]
  50. #1735163 [Firefox:Theme]-[Monochromatic Themes] The 'Why' button from the ETP panel does not have the theme hover color [All]
  51. #1736141 [Firefox:Theme]-prefers-color-scheme should not default to dark for Elemental Balanced [Uns]
  52. #1718011 [Toolkit:Application Update]-Proton "browser update" popup looks like phishing malware [Uns]
  53. #1723679 [Toolkit:Data Sanitization]-[de][Clear Recent History Modal] Selection Button is not aligned with other items [Uns]
  54. #1736756 [Toolkit:Places]-Replace Places' GenerateRandomBytes() with MFBT's GenerateRandomBytesFromOS() [Uns]
  55. #1735628 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Expose Glean experiment annotation APIs in FOG [Uns]
  56. #1736764 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Very small allocations waste at least 5KiB per content process (EventKey) [All]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:

    Beta 8 -> Beta 9 Changelog +0

Nightly 95 fixes since 20211004 (Gecko 94) ~597
Beta 94 fixes since 20210907 (Gecko 93) ~874

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