The first official 20211002 builds are out

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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20211001

The first official 20211002 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The official Firefox 93 RC 2 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20211001 (Fx 94.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20210928 (Fx 93.0 RC 1)

Mozilla Autoland Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +36
  1. #1733565 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Clean up button active system colors. [Uns]
  2. #1733475 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-stickers panel is not fully displayed on [Uns]
  3. #1724243 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Implement no-quirks mode for text/plugin/media/ua-inline documents [Uns]
  4. #1733601 [Core:Graphics]-Remove unused ColorLayer. [All]
  5. #1730710 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Scale animations on out-of-process iframes are slow [Uns]
  6. #1732325 [Core:IPC]-mmap in SharedMemory::FindFreeAddressSpace should use MAP_NORESERVE [Uns]
  7. #1733075 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Optimize property enumeration more [All]
  8. #1732782 [Core:Javascript: WebAssembly]-WasmExceptionObject::getArgImpl is incorrect [Uns]
  9. #1733465 [Core:Layout]-Modernize some crufty refcounting and deletion code in nsView and nsViewManager [Uns]
  10. #1733354 [Core:Layout]-[win] Profile Manager is no longer readable with Dark OS theme [Win]
  11. #1733339 [Core:Layout: Form Controls]-Remove NS_AUTHOR_SPECIFIED_PADDING [Uns]
  12. #1718520 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-SSL_ERROR_PROTOCOL_VERSION_ALERT error [Uns]
  13. #1733603 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-Update neqo to 0.5.3 [Uns]
  14. #1733520 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-remove apz.nonwr.activate_all_scroll_frames* prefs and some related cleanup [Uns]
  15. #1675640 [Core:Performance]-Rename our internal FirstContentfulPaint to FirstContentfulComposite [Uns]
  16. #1733503 [Core:Performance]-redirectStart and redirectEnd should not be exposed when there's a cross origin redirect for PerformanceNavigationTiming [Uns]
  17. #1732778 [Core:WebRTC: Signaling]-Simulcast SSRCs aren't in encoding order when RTX is on [Uns]
  18. #1730856 [Core:Web Painting]-Mousewheel/touchpad scrolling stopped working on fixed background images with body height 100vh [Uns]
  19. #1733557 [DevTools:Debugger]-Thrown errors in the SourceTree component do not bubble up to the AppErrorBoundaryComponent [Uns]
  20. #1730162 [DevTools:Inspector]-Don't search for element with grids in iframes when we have same-origin iframe targets [Uns]
  21. #1727838 [DevTools:Inspector]-Inspector front never unregister its STYLESHEET resource listener [Uns]
  22. #1730167 [DevTools:Inspector]-Use appropriate target's walker front for expanding iframe node in markup view when we have same-origin iframe targets [Uns]
  23. #1730170 [DevTools:Inspector]-With same-origin iframe targets, results from iframe are duplicated [Uns]
  24. #1733707 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Pile of "Attempt to override an existing message: "downloads-window", "downloads-*" from browser/downloads.ftl in the browser console when opening the library window [All]
  25. #1730040 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 95: PLACES_BOOKMARKS_TOOLBAR_RENDER_DELAY_MS [Uns]
  26. #1733576 [Firefox:General]-Ctrl-Q/Cmd-q quit warning shows a PluralForm warning (PluralForm.jsm: Index #0 of ';Close #1 tabs?' for value 1 is invalid -- plural rule #1; called by BG__onQuitRequest) in the browser console when invoked with a single window+tab [mac]
  27. #1730571 [Firefox:Messaging System]-Add Thank You as last about:welcome screen [Uns]
  28. #1733552 [Firefox:Messaging System]-Expose about:welcome colorway variation names for localization [Uns]
  29. #1731152 [Firefox:Messaging System]-Spotlight link has unexpected border in HCM mode [Win]
  30. #1733646 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-Newtab context menus use the wrong colors [Uns]
  31. #1733398 [Firefox:Theme]-Low contrast in the text on the URL bar with the Alpenglow theme [Uns]
  32. #1732090 [Firefox:Theme]-[Monochromatic Themes] The theme is not applied to the Sidebar selection colors [All]
  33. #1712024 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-Addon details shown in english despite translation being available [Uns]
  34. #1733485 [Toolkit:Application Update]-Avoid loading osfile.jsm early in startup due to UpdateUtils loading it directly [Uns]
  35. #1678623 [Toolkit:Places]-Convert onItemChanged("title") to a bookmark-title-changed PlacesEvent [Uns]
  36. #1733563 [Toolkit:Startup and Profile System]-Checkboxes in the profile selection window appear as Firefox styled instead of native [Uns]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1730822 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-Support eWindowType_child type properly [Lin]

    RC 1 -> RC 2 Changelog +0

Nightly 94 fixes since 20210907 (Gecko 93) ~757
Beta 93 fixes since 20210810 (Gecko 92) ~806

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