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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20200219

The first official 20200220 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The official Firefox 74 Beta 6 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20200219 (Fx 75.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20200219 (Fx 74.0b5)

Mozilla Autoland Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +59
  1. #1532486 [Core:Audio/Video]-Ensure media cache is memory-only when in Private Browsing Mode [All]
  2. #1614202 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Implement parsing for CSS conic-gradient syntax [Uns]
  3. #1615056 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Remove layout.css.webkit-appearance.enabled. [Uns]
  4. #1616457 [Core:Canvas: WebGL]-Failures in 1.0.4 conformance/extensions/webgl-draw-buffers.html?webglVersion=1 [Uns]
  5. #1616199 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Make nsWindowMemoryReporter use BrowsingContextGroup instead of TabGroup [Uns]
  6. #1615508 [Core:DOM: Navigation]-iframe content no longer prints [Uns]
  7. #1602131 [Core:Graphics: WebGPU]-Implement WebGPU rendering [All]
  8. #1614102 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Add Intel 10th gen Coffee Lake GPU to the list of supportedDevices for Webrender [All]
  9. #1615421 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Block WebRender for Intel driver [Win]
  10. #1616685 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Disable WebRender on Intel Gen7.5 [All]
  11. #1595014 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Part of search suggestions remain with WR partial present [Win]
  12. #1616676 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Reenable compositor on Windows. [All]
  13. #1616395 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Remove FfiVec [Uns]
  14. #1615015 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Turn on WR for more Intel in Nightly [Uns]
  15. #1614568 [Core:Graphics]-[Wayland] Impelement fence sync to dmabuf surfaces [Uns]
  16. #1615600 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-BigInt(fractionalNumber) results in misleading error message [Uns]
  17. #1615728 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Create SourceExtent struct to wrap source information in a single struct [Uns]
  18. #1616057 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Remove no longer used selfhosted intrinsics [Uns]
  19. #1601171 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[jsdbg2] All handlers for a Debugger hook function should be guaranteed to run, even if an early one returns termination [Uns]
  20. #1602429 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[jsdbg2] Explore ways to to simplify the boilerplate around resumption value handling [Uns]
  21. #1595980 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[jsdbg2] Forced return from an await onEnterFrame can cause a DebuggeeWouldRun exception [Uns]
  22. #1609916 [Core:Javascript: WebAssembly]-Implement a callback in JS whenever a SharedArrayBuffer is constructed inside a context [Uns]
  23. #1611965 [Core:Layout: Text and Fonts]-Add support for the new `all` value to text-decoration-skip-ink [Uns]
  24. #1616193 [Core:Layout: Text and Fonts]-Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame | mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::Send | mozilla::ipc::IProtocol::ChannelSend] [All]
  25. #1614637 [Core:Networking: Cache]-ThreadSanitizer: data race [@ assign_assuming_AddRef] vs. [@ operator bool] in CacheStorageService [Lin]
  26. #1612476 [Core:Networking: Cookies]-Add telemetry for sameSite=lax by default [Uns]
  27. #1608384 [Core:Networking: Cookies]-Implement sameSite lax-by-default 2 minutes tolerance for unsafe methods [Uns]
  28. #1595661 [Core:Networking: Cookies]-Null byte injection in cookies through Javascript lead to removing all the cookies from all the next requests for a particular website [Uns]
  29. #1614905 [Core:Networking]-Extend SESSION_RESUMPTION_WITH_*_CACHE_TIME_UNTIL_READY_MS telemetry [Uns]
  30. #1607445 [Core:Networking]-Make it possible to clear session cache stored in SSLTokensCache [Uns]
  31. #1614546 [Core:SVG]-Fix a few SVG WPT failures [Uns]
  32. #1610644 [Core:Security: PSM]-be more efficient about finding new certificates for users who have 1000s of client certificates [Uns]
  33. #1616330 [Core:Security: PSM]-osclientcerts: use env_logger::try_init instead of env_logger::init [Uns]
  34. #1616527 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-Crash when device is plugged or unplugged after page refresh [Uns]
  35. #1616086 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-Double access to mActiveWindows hash table when a device is unplugged [Uns]
  36. #1614657 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-Missing webrtc track ended event when unplugging the device and having multiple devices connected [All]
  37. #1596488 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Revert the mXBLAttached fix for native OSX menus introduced in Bug 365405, since the menupopup is now a Custom Element [Uns]
  38. #1615375 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-MPRIS: Don't use a hardcoded UserAgent Name [Lin]
  39. #1615604 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Wayland] Fix WaylandDMABufSurfaceNV12 texture creation [Uns]
  40. #1616000 [Core:Widget: Win32]-Push notification are no longer displayed [Win]
  41. #1615939 [DevTools:Console]-Bound functions cannot be eagerly evaluated [Uns]
  42. #1616292 [DevTools:Console]-Eager evaluation: tweak string and number colors [Uns]
  43. #1614889 [DevTools:Console]-Rename Eager Evaluation to Instant Evaluation [Uns]
  44. #1607686 [DevTools:Debugger]-Add "beforeinput" to "Event Listener Breakpoints" [All]
  45. #1591565 [DevTools:Debugger]-Remove the SecondaryPanes footer to save some space [Uns]
  46. #1592535 [DevTools:Netmonitor]-Show a clickable stack trace in the cause column [Uns]
  47. #1603494 [Firefox:Disability Access]-Global zoom functions incorrectly with disabled site-specific zoom [Uns]
  48. #1612270 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-Enable spocs per region via a pref [Uns]
  49. #1613385 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-The "New Tab" page is wrongly scrolled down if any "Popular Topics" link is clicked for the second time in the same tab session [All]
  50. #1615734 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-Update models for v2 personalization [Uns]
  51. #1604363 [Firefox:Normandy Client]-Add recipe suitability API between RecipeRunner and actions [Uns]
  52. #1616560 [Firefox:PDF Viewer]-Update pdf.js to version 2.4.375 [All]
  53. #1615853 [Firefox:Preferences]-Searching for "encoding" points to a setting that doesn't exist anymore [Uns]
  54. #1616274 [Firefox:Remote Settings Client]-Report offline error for attachments downloading [Uns]
  55. #1611690 [Firefox:Sync]-Send tab to device not triggering master password anymore and not sending tabs [All]
  56. #1508171 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Remove gBrowser.initialBrowser [Uns]
  57. #1615450 [Toolkit:General]-Add `Services.appinfo` to JEXL filter context [Uns]
  58. #1524873 [Toolkit:Safe Browsing]-Trackers are not classified in Safe Mode [Uns]
  59. #1616045 [Toolkit:Video/Audio Controls]-Collect pictureinpicture.opened_method on non-Windows, too [Uns]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1605072 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Make CanonicalBrowsingContext::ChangeFrameRemoteness async [Uns]
  2. #1588152 [Core:DOM: Service Workers]-Crash in [@ AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-change-teardown | ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker: shutting down Service Workers] [All]
  3. #1612690 [Core:DOM: Workers]-Ensure remote workers are assigned to the correct process type [Uns]
  4. #1615613 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Unify the text and brush shader infrastructures [Uns]

    Beta 5 -> Beta 6 Changelog +0

Nightly 75 fixes since 20200210 (Gecko 74) ~459
Beta 74 fixes since 20200107 (Gecko 73) ~1177

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