"Update all" option for add-ons in Firefox 69?

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Post Posted July 5th, 2019, 4:51 pm

In my Fx setup, I do not allow add-ons to be automatically updated. I manually check for add-on updates using the add-on page pull-down menu.

In Fx 69 (or Fx 68 with with HTML add-on page enabled), when multiple add-on updates are found, I can't see a way to install all of the available updates in one mouse click -- I have to install each update individually using the pull-down menu for that add-on.

In the old add-on page, there was an option to "install all updates". Is this feature missing from Fx 69 or am I missing something?

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Options - Manage extensions - Check for update ? (gear on top right of page)
Sorry I only have ublock and I let it update itself as nightly can break blocking sometimes
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wontfix for v68 is truly bs. i dont have hope for v69 as they changed the update options for firefox itself to auto or ask before install.

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For now you can switch off the new about:addons and go back to the old version by toggling the following preference in about:config


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