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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20190520

.The first official 201905021 NIGHTLY builds are not yet out
.The Official Firefox 68 Beta 3 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20190520 (Fx 68.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20190517 (Fx 67.0 RC 2)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +48
  1. #1547757
  2. #1552627
  3. #1533625 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Assertion failure: (writer->mCrypto.mIVSize == 0 && !writer->mCrypto.mConstantIV.IsEmpty()) || !s->mCencRange.IsEmpty() (Crypto information should contain either a constant IV, or have auxiliary information that will contain an IV) [Uns][]
  4. #1492739 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Consider unprefixing -moz-user-select [All][]
  5. #1429299 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Implement offset-distance for motion path [Uns][]
  6. #1253476 [Core:DOM: Animation]-Collapse filling script-generated animations [All][[layout:backlog:2019q3:69][wptsync upstream]]
  7. #1552263 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Add a `docShell` attribute to JSWindowActorChild [Uns][]
  8. #1534012 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Consider to add a separate queue for window.postMessage and process it with lower priority during page load [Uns][]
  9. #1550524 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Crash in [@ nsHTMLDocument::Open] [Win][]
  10. #1550881 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Don't allow re-entry into from unload events of descendant frames [Uns][]
  11. #1550845 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Move parser termination in to after we've removed event listeners [Uns][]
  12. #1549351 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Promise rejection event should not be sent for cross-origin scripts [Uns][]
  13. #325352 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML] doesn't clear the document [mac][]
  14. #1546752 [Core:DOM: Quota Manager]-Stop creating .metadata files [Uns][[qf:p1:pageload]]
  15. #1551379 [Core:DOM: Security]-"Module source URI is not allowed in this document" when trying to use script[type=module] from about: page [Uns][[domsecurity-active]]
  16. #1550473 [Core:DOM: Security]-Usage of `eval()` in third-party library ajv-4.1.1.js [Uns][[domsecurity-backlog1]]
  17. #1506514 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Assertion failure: false (MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE: Children of not selected deck panel are not accessible.) [Win][]
  18. #1551086 [Core:General]-Crash in [@ mozilla::RestyleManager::ContentStateChanged] , Crahs with MS-IME (Japanese IME of Windows10) [All][]
  19. #1359240 [Core:Graphics: Text]-Support gzip-compressed SVG-in-OpenType [Uns][]
  20. #1550751 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Optimize DivPowTwoI to not round non-truncated (bailing) divisions. [All][]
  21. #1551454 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Assertion failure: !isIndex(&dummy), at js/src/vm/StringType.h:1945 [Lin][[jsbugmon:update]]
  22. #1552597 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Handlify RemapAllWrappersForObject [Uns][]
  23. #1553001 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Move public module-related APIs to their own header/cpp files [Uns][]
  24. #1551470 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[BinAST] Add Context parameter to BinASTTokenReaderContext methods [Uns][]
  25. #1551509 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[BinAST] BinASTTokenReaderBase::{readConst,matchConst} doesn't work for char>=0x80 [Uns][]
  26. #1551501 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[BinAST] Fix BinASTTokenReaderContext::readVarU32 to match encoder [Uns][]
  27. #1544995 [Core:Layout: Scrolling and Overflow]-Missing border on (or rather: box-shadow not showing up, with 3D transforms) [All][]
  28. #1409114 [Core:Layout: Tables]-Figure out a better way to create display items for column backgrounds [Uns][[qf:p2:pageload]]
  29. #1011369 [Core:Layout: Text and Fonts]-Implement line-break property of CSS3 Text [All][[layout:backlog:2019q3:69][wptsync upstream]]
  30. #1531715 [Core:Layout: Text and Fonts]-Implement line-break: anywhere [Uns][]
  31. #1509423 [Core:Layout: Text and Fonts]-Use harfbuzz for AAT layout instead of CoreText [Uns][]
  32. #1550535 [Core:Layout]-Mark <svg> elements (nsSVGOuterSVGFrame) as reflow roots [Uns][[qf:p2:responsiveness]]
  33. #1551177 [Core:Security: PSM]-skip self-signed intermediate certificates that aren't trust anchors in path building [Uns][[psm-assigned]]
  34. #1552490 [Core:Serializers]-Rename `nsCopySupport::HTMLCopy` and change `nsDocumentEncoder::IsVisible` to reflect what they do [Uns][]
  35. #1551389 [Core:Web Painting]-Assertion failure: mListLink == aOther.mListLink (comparing iterators over different lists), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/generic/nsLineBox.h:812 [Uns][]
  36. #1528957 [Core:Web Painting]-The sticky position works wrongly for table-row elements [Win][]
  37. #1550001 [DevTools:Debugger]-Implement debugger client event breakpoints user experience [Uns][[debugger-mvp]]
  38. #1550794 [DevTools:Inspector]-Add telemetry to count node selections in the Inspector [Uns][]
  39. #1551564 [DevTools:about:debugging]-[remote-dbg-next] Padding under temporary-id-message is too big [Uns][]
  40. #1548478 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Fluent warnings about missing strings [Uns][]
  41. #1548782 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Style adjustments for bookmark panel messages [Uns][]
  42. #1534407 [Firefox:General]-Enable browser.xhtml by default [Uns][]
  43. #1552768 [Firefox:Preferences]-Input clear icon disappears on hover on Windows [Uns][]
  44. #1551554 [Firefox:Search]-The Client ID is not added to the Search URL for the Russian region [All][]
  45. #1551407 [Toolkit:Password Manager]-Cleanup readability of LoginAutoCompleteResult [All][[passwords:tech-debt]]
  46. #1548381 [Toolkit:Password Manager]-Show password generation UI on `autocomplete="new-password"` fields [All][]
  47. #1552547 [Toolkit:Storage]-Stop using [array] in some storage APIs [Uns][]
  48. #1552248 [WebExtensions:Request Handling]-proxy.onRequest is limited to http/https [Uns][]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1552712 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-IntervalSet::Intersection() can be slow [Uns][]
  2. #1552977 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Switch a bunch of non-web-visible callers from inflating UTF-8 compilation to non-inflating [Uns][]

    Nightly -> Beta Merge Changelog +0

Nightly 69 fixes since 20190520 (Gecko 68) ~48
Beta 68 fixes since 20190318 (Gecko 67) ~2753

Nightly Blog
Release Calendar
Release Tracking
MozRegression Guide
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wonder what goodies we'll get in 69

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Mouse4 wrote:wonder what goodies we'll get in 69

No idea but 2nd Nightly is out and its been bumped to '69'

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TheVisitor wrote:
Mouse4 wrote:wonder what goodies we'll get in 69

No idea but 2nd Nightly is out and its been bumped to '69'

i thought i saw they were going to do a completely new Addons Manager, something similar to Thunderbirds, where ya just got Extensions , Themes, Recommendations . .

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The gift of the bugzilla ui refresh

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a bad move by Mozilla UX guys wonder what they'll stuffup next


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mayankleoboy1 wrote:
The gift of the bugzilla ui refresh

So because One person doesn't like :Visited: everyone suffers? Nice logic
What sort of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.
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From last thread:
Its dark even with the 'light' theme selected which I use. I don't care for the dark-themes, too hard on the eyes when switching back and forth to different sites that are not dark.

I did not find any settings in Bugzilla to change it either....

Bugzilla's theme follows your system's theme setting instead of Firefox's. (Similar to those about:* pages)
Source: ... 3004478466

See also: Bug 1529323 - Consider making prefers-color-scheme respect the Firefox theme rather than the system theme

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