Any way to get versions of Developer Edition older than 54?

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Post Posted May 5th, 2019, 8:41 pm

I am needing several older versions of Firefox Developer Edition, and I always thought I could easily go to to get them, but to my horror, all versions older than 54 have been removed. (Even though you get versions as old as .8 of regular Firefox.)

Is there any way to get them somewhere? Just spent the last hour searching Google and DuckDuckGo to no end.

I am needing both Win32 and Win64 versions, if possible.

Some notes:

1) I am completely 100% aware of the fact that old versions are not supported.

2) In this case, what I am working on is for my job, so I'm not really at liberty to discuss specifically what I'm working on, only to say that I need some versions of Firefox Developer older than version 54. Sorry about that! 8-[

Is there some archive or FTP or something? If I can't get it I can't get it, but it will make my job extremely frustrating. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)


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That's because Developers Edition used to be as a separate channel as Aurora (a2) and not essentially same as Beta channel but with developer features.

Release < Beta (b#) < Aurora (a2) < Nightly (a1) and now it is Release < Beta (b#) < Nightly (a1) and older folders.

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Thanks so much for that info... it clears a lot of my confusion up. I think I can get what I need now. :)

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they weren't removed - they never existed before. ... -channels/

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